Nauvari Saree Stitching in Pune

Nauvari Saree Stitching in Pune and Mumbai. Our readymade nauvari saree shops in pune at laxmi road. We providing Nauvaree, Kasta Sari, Kacha, Sakachcha. Flora fashion offers nauvari saree on rent in pune. Kasta Sari, Kacha, Sakachcha, Lugade is a nine yards saree worn by the Marathi women. The name ‘Nauvari’ originated from the saree’s length of nine yards.

The style of drape for Nauvari has evolved drastically from the traditional style to the modern-age cult. Draped in such a way that it gives a trouser-dress like an appearance, while the sari is tucked at the back. Nauvari sarees usually come in cotton and is worn without Petticoat

Nauvari Saree Stitching in Pune

readymade nauvari saree shops in pune

Style of sari draping is common among all the castes but the way of draping differs according to the region and topography as well. For example, Brahmin women wear it in a particular way which is called as brahmni. The other side aagri people from the raigad district wear it in a knee length fashion is called as ‘adwa patal‘ . With a small variation the kunbi or the farmer women of raigad district and some parts of ratnagiri as well wear nineyard which is called as “uprati” .

Sayali Badade, an HR executive said,
“A woman who wore a Nauvari was always looked upon with respect. The reason being both the shoulders of the women are covered, and it makes for a completely traditional wear. The style was originally started and popularised from the Peshwai reign”.

Mostly worn in dance competitions, “lavani” and Maharashtran folk dance.

Marathi style of wearing sarees

Traditional Maharashtrian Nauvari saree is worn without a petticoat and resembles a man’s dhoti or wrapped pants. The bottom with the pallu covering the bust. Instead of usual 5-6 meters the Nauvari saree is 8-9 meters in length. Saree looks very trendy and feminine. The best part about this saree is that it is easy to carry off- even by those who have never worn saree before!

  1. Tying the knot:  In place of petticoat, you can wear tight slacks.  Tuck the plain end of the saree and continue tucking till you take a complete turn from right to left. Tie a knot to secure the pleats.
  2. Taking the Pallu (Anchal) : The pallu or the anchal which is the decorative end part of the saree is taken on the left shoulder, wrap it and bring it on the right shoulder.
  3.  Making pleats : Start making pleats from the rest of the sari. Hold the pleats together firmly at the top. Wrap them into a bolster using the initial layer. The video clearly explains this step
  4. Making a Kachha (Dhoti) : Leave the folds or pleats in the front. Take the center most pleat in between the legs to the backside, make small border sized pleats and tuck it at the waist.
  5. Tying a konchha from the front : The portion of the saree near the feet is folded in a layer for tucking into the waist so that the beautiful border is seen in the front.Marathi Sarees Drape Styles
nauvaree saree

nauvari saree on rent in pune

Maharashtra is a known state in India for its cultural, tribal and traditional clothing styles. The drapes of sarees, which are followed by the women on traditional and festival events. Saree being the national attire has many ways of draping, classified drapes on states and their rituals and cultures. The tradition of Marathi women has been cherished by the female today also by styling up in the traditional Marathi saree and styling drapes.

Marathi saree can be draped in a number of ways, here I will be discussing and giving methods of 5 Maharashtrian saree drapes. Saree drapes information is provided for an easier and simpler form of draping style of the Marathi style sarees.

A Marathi saree simply consists and is identified by its look.
  •          Silk fabric and zari woven border
  •          Border in golden zari weave in contrast colour and pallu also has horizontal borders
  •          A Paithani saree, which has a zari weave pallu with parrot and chandelier motifs
  •     All over the saree there are small butti form motifs scattered evenly.

Let’s learn how to drape up traditional Marathi saree and different other styles of Marathi saree draping.

Traditional Nauvari drape – Nauvari saree on rent in pune

This is a drape which is very well highlighted by its drape and cowls which make it attractive and traditional for the Maharashtrian style drape. In this drape the lower pleats are kept facing the right hand side.

  • Start by taking the corner end of the saree and wraped the open edge from left to right, tying a knot on the right side waist.
  •  Pick the lower corner of the small end and tuck it in the place by the knot.
  • Now take the width to unevenly wrap the pallu section, from left to right front, under the right arm, passing up the left shoulder to throw back.
  •  Make sure that the top edge of the width is longer than the lower edge in length, wich is hanging back at the back shoulder.
  • Now make lower drape pleats of all remaining saree, of 5-6 inches and tuck it in centre waist but keeping the pleats faced on the right side.
  • Part the lower pleats at the bottom to have the pleats more on the right side more and left side lesser, and draw the part backwards, between two legs.
  • Pull up from back so it can be tucked at the centre back waist, make sure the border is straight hiding one side border under another one neatly.
  • Now pick the right hand side lower drape pleat, and bring it across your left waist, and tuck in keeping 12-15 inches free to drop off.
  • Then work on the shoulder pleats, take top edge to be sat firmly on shoulder, pin it.
  • Then take the lower edge, in pleats and the set on shoulder keeping the back hanging pallu width in perfect straight level. Pin pleats at shoulder place

Nauvari Saree Stitching in Pune

These are the traditional Maharastrian drapes used by women for depicting their culture at festivals and cultural events. If you want purchase then flora is best readymade nauvari saree shops in pune.